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unless otherwise indicated.

Career Portal

All the tools to find and keep the job you love ... and it's all in ONE PLACE.
  • FREE Assessment Tools
  • Access to over 1,000 Job Boards on ONE site
  • A FREE Resume Builder and Career Advisor
  • Information on Educational Opportunities
  • FREE Weekly Teleconference Calls on “Hot Topics”
  • A Resource Library filled with Audios, Videos and Articles
  • Access to 100 FREE Resume Cards for Networking
The Career Advisor
Weekly articles on the skills you need to conduct an effective job search ... and all from a recruiter's point of view.
100 tips, tools and resources to hlp you survive without a job
Free Job Seeker Webinars
“I’ve been using the ideas you share in your calls and they work. I’ve
gotten two interviews.”  Thanks! Rebecca S., Lexington, KY
“My job search felt like it was in reverse until I started listening to
your weekly calls. I now dedicate 35 hours a week to my job search
activities and you were right, I’m getting results. I have two final
interviews next week.”  Thank you, Fred C., Chicago, IL
The Webinars consist of 20 minutes
of training and 40 minutes of Q&A where our Trainer addresses the questions
that are MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU. No questions are off limits.

You may register for the Free Training Webinars by clicking the CALENDAR Tab on
the left hand side of our Career Portal Home Page. Remember to register for our
upcoming free job seeker training webinars!
Salary Calculator
  • Compare over a thousand job descriptions in over 300 U.S. cities.
  •  Know the base pay and the total cash compensation (bonuses) for the job you want, before you negotiate!
  • See consice and infomative data, quickly and easily.
  • Be informed and maximize your earning potential.
City Reports
  • U.S. Census Bureau estimates and projections, including latest monthly estimates for city-level populations
  • Bureau of Labor employment data by industry and occupation
  • nternal Revenue Service statistics on tax filers and year-to-year migration
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, local police departments and municipalities for crime information
  • National Oceanic and Atmoshpheric Administration for weather information
School Reports
  • School and district name, addresses and telephone number
  • District website (if available)
  • District start and end dates
  • Student/teacher ratio
  • Instructional dollars spent per pupil
  • Before-and-after school programs
  • Gifted and talented programs
  • Number of computers in the classroom
  • Percent of college-bound seniors and more
Cost of Living Tools
  • Research the local market factors for over 300 U.S. cities.
  • Learn how much salary you'll need to maintain the same standard of living in a different city.
  • See how much more, or less, employers pay in that city.
  • Find out how much you could earn if you had the same job in the same type of company, but in a different city.
Moving Companies
  • Moving Tools
  • Financial Calculators
  • Find a ...
  • Features and Articles